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, or the caribbean writer derek walcott, or the irish poet, seamus haney. or -- the names go on. but along the way we archive all of the -- by video and audio -- all of the people who have come through. so we have left a foot print, they have left a footprint, and the institute was founded in 1983 but officially became the new york state writer's institute in 1984, and over the years we've had more than a thousand writers through. >> my sister was a rabid conservative who, actually, worked at w's first convention. and she couldn't get a room, so she ended up having to stay with me, and she brought a sign she was holding that said "w stands for women." [laughter] and i said you can stay, but the sign has to go. [laughter] >> as a result, we have a very extensive archive of those writers, the readings, interviews with them, and i guess we like to think of ourselves as perhaps becoming the c-span of literature. i don't know, we'll see what happens with that. but we're about to roll out a, was, in essence, a kind of research library of all of these videos and audios that we've collected over the years. w
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1